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Are you looking for something specific?


COMMISSION are a collaborative process and I'd love to work with you to make a unique painting that fits your vision. Let's talk!

  • What is your idea? Where is the location, what size, what is your color palette? What style of artwork art are you most inspired by from my previous work?  I offer professional quality canvas or wood panels in acrylic or oil paint. 


  • Once we land on all the specifics, I will give you a quote and a contract. Before I begin, I require half of the total cost down and half at delivery or before shipping. 


  • I will create a digital mockup in photoshop. We can go through 3 rounds of edits and once we land on the design, I’ll begin to translate it into the paint.  Please keep in mind that I have creative freedom and may express mark-making outside of the mockup. I’ll send photographic updates too! This process can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months. 


  • Once we are complete, we will arrange pickup, shipping or delivery for a small fee. 




  • I offer indoor murals with a hand brush in acrylic paint.  Similar process as above. Let’s talk.  

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