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Sienna Dawn uses paint as a vehicle for self-discovery of the body, mind,  spirit, and the natural world. Bright colors become therapeutic while living in the gray of the pacific northwest.  Inspired by the photography of her travels, she uses digital and manual manipulation of each moment to create acrylic paintings that are both simple and beautiful.

My love for art and creativity stemmed from a unique upbringing. Deep in the forests of Northwest Montana, where the streams and mountains collided, I used these landscapes as my art form. Having been raised in a home without electricity, attention to nature was never interrupted.

A graduate of Montana State University, I acquired a degree in Graphic Design and embarked on a full-time pursuit of painting and design.  In 2009, moving to Seattle would bring multiple opportunities to showcase my skills. Within a short time, I became the lead Producer of a Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival, and the Curator for Gallery AXIS in Pioneer Square. These roles opened up many opportunities to collaborate with artists and performers around the region.

In the midst of the pandemic, I pivoted my focus back to art and design. Today, you will find me painting landscapes in my art studio and creating graphics at Golden Hour Design Studio.


 Art and design is magic that can hold an intention that you take into the future. It's my mission to support good people looking to artfully find themselves within their brand and to play in the color-filled space of imagination.

My universal headquarters of creativity is in the Bay Street Village in downtown Bellingham, WA. To schedule a studio tour to see what is fresh off the easle, get in touch!

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