Passion & Meditation

As a creative, it is necessary to make time for stillness. Paint has been that for me. A relationship with the moment, experiencing my tools, breathing through each brushstroke and color therapy.  Throughout the years the paintings have acted as a vehicle for self discovery of the body, mind, spirit and the natural world.


The year 2020, has been one of great clarity and regeneration for appreciating this life long journey with paint. Working at 5 to 10 paintings at a time, the art is made in batches. Each piece can stand on it's own but the LIFE that is lived informs the reason behind the imagery, mediums and technique of markmaking. I thank all the art patrons along the way that have been with me for the colorful ride and helped support me in my creations.


If the art speaks to you, Please be in touch to share a conversation around any of the works or to set up a time to see what's fresh off the easel.

Video By James Smith


Happy to work with your colors and imagery.

I first start with a digital mock up from a photograph or ~ once we agree on the image ~ I move to paint.

Here is an example of the digital version and the finished painting.


Contact me for pricing.

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